Daddy Cools Bulletproof Naga Pickle

Daddy Cools Bulletproof Naga Pickle

This pickle will not stop bullets but you may well sweat them, it gets its name from the Bullet Chillies we use in the product

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Best recommended use for this pickle is add to your curry, biryani, hot soups, cheese, chicken wings, ribs or steak as a marinade, we even know people to use it as a sandwich spread. We can also provide catering tubs, please ask for details.

Ingredients: Naga Chillies (18%), Bullet Chillies (18%), White Wine Vinegar (SULPHITES), MUSTARD OIL, Red Chillies (9%), Green Chillies (9%), SESAME OIL, Spices, Paprika, Garlic, MUSTARD SEEDS.

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United Kingdom
Naga, Ghost Pepper

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