Garlic and Papaya Chilli Pickle

Daddy Cools Garlic and Papaya Chilli Pickle

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Just buy it. No seriously, just buy it.

Mix it with some soft cheese and stuff a chicken breast (like a Kiev) then wrap smoked streaky bacon around it and cook as per guidelines, shabam, it’s got you hooked! Vegetarian I hear? Then smother your pizza with it or mix it in with a fresh bowl of cooked pasta, add cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, it’s that versatile. Garlic and Papaya Pickle is the one you’ll keep coming back for. It’s also ideal to use with chapatis, rice, curry, sandwiches or wraps, it also makes the perfect dip, let us know how you eat yours, send us your pictures.

Ingredients: Garlic (59%), Papaya (12%), Spirit Vinegar, MUSTARD Oil (rapeseed oil, MUSTARD oil), Ginger, Spices, MUSTARD seeds, Paprika, Asafoetida (ground rice, gum arabic, turmeric), Turmeric, Salt, Naga Chilli, Curry Leaf.

United Kingdom
Naga, Ghost Pepper
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