Mr Naga, The Most Wanted Hot Pepper Pickle!

Mr Naga Chilli Pickle – Tastiest Full Of Flavour Hot Naga Pickle. Ever

Mr Naga is the best-selling naga pickle on the market and for good reason. The label may not be a work of art but it is easily recognisable.

It is very hot so use MR NAGA according to taste. You can refrigerate after opening and fine to consume within 4 – 5 weeks. Being a pickle, it’s also incredibly versatile. Try it in anything from cheese sandwiches to a flavour booster in your chicken curry, as well as a delicious accompaniment to your meal. You can make your own dipping sauces with it. Try adding a touch Mr Naga to some of your favourite sauces!. There is one thing we have to share. Being in oil, Mr Naga does occasionally leak however, It should still be perfectly fine to use. You can top up any lost oil with olive oil or veg oil.

Where is Mr Naga made and Where can I buy Mr Naga pickle?

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